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Ezri Tubi

Founder of 'Boomerang - Fighting for Israel'

Ezri Tubi is the founder of the pro-Israel public diplomacy organization “Boomerang – Fighting for Israel” – based in the Samarian city of Ariel.¬†Tubi is a former ‘hilltop youth’ with a rich background. He resides in Itzhar, a settlement that the media portrays as being “radical”. Tubi decided one day to channel his ‘inner radicalism’ to make a positive change and to start advocating¬†for Israel on social media. He leveraged his accessibility to the conflict zone of Judea & Samaria in order to declare truth to the world.

Boomerang is unique in its fresh, pro-active, no-apologies approach and has produced dozens of short clips on hot political issues that have become viral. Boomerang’s videos have been viewed millions of times.

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Type of Speaker:

  • Social Entrepreneur


  • Diversity & Coexistence
  • News & Media