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Elie Pieprz

Director of International Affairs, YESHA Council

Elie Pieprz, is a political & marketing consultant whose professional career has always gravitated to the nexus of politics, business and faith. Elie has represented Israel to international influencers and helped strengthen the US-Israel relationship through traditional and unconventional activities. His diversified professional career includes serving as a DC based lobbyist, TV producer, real estate developer, and as a marketing coordinator for Microsoft. Elie also serves on the Advisory Board of Project Beyond, American Friends of Israel Football League and on the International Faculty Board of the Leadership Institute.

Elie serves as the Director of International Affairs for the YESHA Council – an umbrella organization consisting of the elected Israeli Governors and Mayors of Judea and Samaria (often referred to as the West Bank). In that capacity, Elie facilitates collaborative coalitions to educate politicians, diplomats, media, think-tanks, academics, etc. about the true nature of the Israeli communities of Judea & Samaria. Elie lead the YESHA Council’s efforts to create a robust English platform that connects these influentials and the greater pro-Israel community to the people, stories, challenges and optimism of the Jewish residents of Judea & Samaria.

Elie is the founder of the Kinyon Group & Strategies which provides public affairs and general consulting for people, policies and products that are looking for audiences/market-share in the US & Israel.

Elie founded and served as the National Director of iVoteIsrael, an organization established to encourage Americans in Israel to register to vote, cast their ballots and to ensure that candidates and the pro-Israel community in the US considers the motivations of the Americans in Israel when they cast their ballots. In 2012, iVoteIsrael increased voter participation in Israel by 400%. The effort earned Campaigns & Elections, prestigious 2012 Reed Award for outstanding foreign political campaign.

Elie served as the producer for Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem, a popular English language television program broadcast internationally from Jerusalem.

Elie’s varied career has included working as a tax lobbyist, commercial real estate broker/developer, political campaign consultant, sports marketer, and was on the launch team for Microsoft’s Windows ME and Windows XP.

Elie and his wife Judith are blessed to raise their three daughters in the village of Ginot Shomron in Samaria, Israel.

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