The Judea Samaria Speakers Bureau (JSSB) is the only agency of its kind that provides a direct interface between the global community and leading personalities from Judea & Samaria. For half a century, since the renewal of a vibrant Jewish-Israeli presence in the region, the voices of Judea & Samaria have been muffled by a politically charged international dialectic, which all too often overlooks – if not disenfranchises – the people whose lives are most directly impacted by the discussion. JSSB’s purpose is to enrich any thoughtful conversation with depth and breadth, by making the region’s authentic and experienced voices accessible and audible to honest, inquisitive and engaged parties.

JSSB will work with you to plan and provide the perfect speaker or multiple spokespeople, wherever you are – IN Israel touring the country, or at home in any city or country and planning a program, JSSB is here to help Enrich Your Conversation!